Bought A Defective Product That Caused Injury? Do These Things Now!

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Even though most people associate personal injury claims with things like car accidents and slips and falls, you can just as easily get injured by a defective product due to the negligence of the manufacturer. When you are injured by a defective product, there are certain steps that should be taken right away. 

Take pictures of everything related to the incident. 

Pictures can be some of the most important pieces of evidence in a defective product personal injury claim. Pictures will show something about what you were doing when the product caused a problem and the condition of the product immediately after the incident. Get pictures of your injuries as well, even if you have to wait until after you get to the hospital to get the images. 

Document exactly how you were using the product when the incident happened. 

If you have the opportunity, jot down a few notes about exactly what you were doing when the defective product caused you an injury. For example, if you were injured by a power drill that burned your hand because the lithium-ion battery melted, make a list of how you were positioned when this happened, how long you had been using the drill, and what you were using the drill to achieve. 

Seek medical attention right away. 

If the product you were using caused you an injury in a really direct way, make sure you seek medical attention right away. Some defective product cases involve something that gradually caused harm, such as a supplement you took daily. However, many of these cases do involve a direct incident. For example: 

  • A vaping mod exploded while you were using it and injured your face
  • An axle broke on your new car while driving down the road and caused a wreck
  • A new electronic device caught on fire internally when it was plugged in and burned your hands

Make sure you head to the local emergency department to seek attention for your injuries. Also, be thorough when explaining what happened when you tell those who are treating you. 

Talk to a personal injury attorney immediately. 

With defective product cases that cause a direct injury, it is important that you have an attorney to work with right away. It can be difficult to build these cases without all the facts, and the longer you wait, the more likely it will be that something is forgotten or left out. Talk to a personal injury lawyer today to learn more.

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